About jobdesk®

We’re Bringing The Human Back In HR

We created jobdesk® with a single thing on our mind – to make HR and recruiting easier. But, along the way, we surpassed ourselves. …And it all started by truly understanding the importance of workforce and human resources. Your people are your most valuable asset, and you invest costly time and money in making them fit for your company’s big plans. Why burn them out with trivial, repetitive tasks? We’ve built the premium integrated solution on the market that not only makes daily tasks hassle-free, but creates more opportunities for you, your people, and your company – bringing the human back to your HR department. jobdesk® takes care of recruiting, headhunting, payrolls, accounting, billing and much more, so you and your people can focus on all the great things like new products, better ROI, and more retention. jobdesk® was built to build your dreams.

What’s The Story Behind This Ingenious Software?

Much like any great story out there, jobdesk® starts as a story of friendship. The story of jobdesk® starts late 2006, in Switzerland. After years of running a software engineering company (Bytebuilder.ch) and first-handedly experiencing the hassle of recruiting and managing people, two friends teamed up to launch a solution that could accurately meet all recruiting demands in the corporate world. The lack of a suitable solution was the motive to launch jobdesk® as an alternative that: – Replaces multiple decentralized software solutions that are needed to complete the journey of HRs and recruiters. – Swaps the outdated on-premise solutions for a global SaaS model. – Is time and cost efficient, and enables business owners to minimize collateral tasks and focus on strategic objectives.

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